Doug and Mike Starn

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.03.03 PM
Starn, Doug and Mike. Attracted To Light #1. 1999-2003, Photographs, Toned silver print on Thai mulbarry paper, Baldwin Gallery.  

Doug and Mike Starn are American artists, born in 1961.

Attracted To Light, is one of my favourite photography series. I love how the Starn twins can take something as small as a moth, that would usually seem so insignificant and turn it into something so delicate and truly beautiful. This series is so intricate with the detailed photographs of moths and their fragile features as well as the physical distressing of their work which is something I love and have tried to integrate in my on photography projects. After constantly looking through their photographs I have in fact found a new appreciation for the moth and it is a series I wont ever forget.



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