How To See The World – INTRODUCTION

While reading the introduction of ‘How To See The World’ written by Nicholas Mirzoeff, I have come across various points that have sparked my interest.

Nicholas states that “Today the world is young, urban, wired and hot”. This may come across as saying the world is becoming hot/wired with the increasing use of new technology and ‘young’, meaning it’s mostly the younger generations that it is affecting. But according to the statistics shown;

  • By 2011, more than half of the world population was under the age of thirty.
  • 62% of Brazilians are under the age of twenty-five.
  • Two thirds of South Africa’s population is under the age of thirty-five.

The world is truly becoming younger, meaning there’s a new generation with younger, more creative minds that are/and are about to create change within the world we live in. Whether it be new concepts and designs, or new and improved technology. (Mirzoeff  5)

Nicholas also speaks of “The planet is changing before our eyes”, which everyone has already heard of, such as the threat of climate change and pollution caused by emissions and the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide. While we know the statistics and predictions, there is very little happening in order to solve these problems we face. Maybe the younger minds that will soon be dominating this world will create the change that we desperately need. (Mirzoeff  5-6)




Works Cited:

Mirzeoff, Nicholas. How To See The World. “Introduction”, Pelican, 2015, pp. 1-27.


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