Cindy Sherman – PART ONE

From the moment I walked in, the Wellington City gallery became one of my favourite places. It was my first visit to this particular gallery and knowing that it was filled with Cindy Sherman’s work made it even more exciting.

The Cindy Sherman experience started with her five metre mural, surrounding you on the curved walls like a panoramic photograph. I spent 10-15 minutes just standing and staring before being ushered upstairs, not knowing that the exhibition actually started on the ground floor with her series ‘clowns’ and ‘headshots’. Therefore the first pieces I viewed was the ‘chanel’ series, which has since been the most significant moment while visiting the gallery.



The perfect white walls were inviting and as I stepped into the small area I was instantly engulfed by her work. The scale of her photographs made me feel so small, but at the same time it felt just right. You could see every bit of detail such as her digitally manipulated backgrounds, which gave the effect of an old oil painting.

From this point on I knew Cindy Sherman was an artist like no other and I couldn’t wait to see her other creations.


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