Week 7 – Task 2

Everyone think differently and therefore have their own unique perspective on the world, which can also be described as someones ‘world view’. However, ideology is something that can influence these perspectives. When we listen to people’s ideas, we often agree or disagree and form our own opinions based on what they’ve said. This is why when looking at a visual text it can be read differently based on a person’s world view and the ideology behind it. Different opinions can be formed by looking at the producer itself as well as the intended audience of the visual text. For example, if something is written about a particular artist and you read it before looking at their work, you’re bound to refer to the piece of writing and the ideas behind it before forming your own opinion on the artist. As stated previously the audience can also change the way a visual text is evaluated. It is known that all age groups process things differently and would therefore have a contrasting opinions. This is due to the different generations and what they’ve seen and experiences throughout their lives.


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