Assessment 3 requires us to investigate and respond to either a social, cultural, economic, political or environmental issue. The assessment is in three parts which include:
– 4 posts in the G+ community
– 4 posts on our blog
– A creative piece of work that responds to our chosen issue

My first idea was a social issue such as gender equality, focussing on the way that women are treated. This idea was based on the situations that either myself or friends have been in. My next thought was something environmental based. Since I had already researched the oil industry and disasters for the previous assessment I could’ve easily carried on with that idea as it’s something I was passionate about. However it wasn’t until Thursday’s lecture and listening to Huhana Smith were I became quite interested in New Zealand waterways and the issues that they’re facing. It definitely gave me something to think about and I wanted to know more. Therefore my issue had been chosen.

H2Woah is a website that encourages people to take action through imagery. They want people to take photos of both the good and bad when it comes to NZ waterways and share them using #H2WOAH. With the amount of people active on social media using hashtags seems to be one of easiest ways to get a message across and for people to actually see these photos of particular places around New Zealand.

As a photography major I believe the best way for me to respond to this environmental issue would be to take a series of photographs. At this stage I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to execute this but it’s something that I want to do and think it would be rather effective.


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