Doug and Mike Starn

Doug and Mike Starn are American artists, born in 1961. Attracted To Light, is one of my favourite photography series. I love how the Starn twins can take something as small as a moth, that would usually seem so insignificant and turn it into something so delicate and truly beautiful. This series is so intricate... Continue Reading →

Eduardo Recife

Eduardo Recife is a Brazilian illustrator and artist, born in 1980. Eduardo's vintage style is something I can't keep my eyes off. I love the layers of cut out magazines and text as well as the retro colours that tie everything together nicely. His collage work often shows a strong message that he is wanting... Continue Reading →

How To See The World – INTRODUCTION

While reading the introduction of 'How To See The World' written by Nicholas Mirzoeff, I have come across various points that have sparked my interest. Nicholas states that "Today the world is young, urban, wired and hot". This may come across as saying the world is becoming hot/wired with the increasing use of new technology... Continue Reading →

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